Alessia Cara turns heads to her debut EP “Four Pink Walls”

Jessica Salguero

Alessia Cara's EP "Four Pink Walls" was released on Aug. 8, 2015.
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Alessia Cara’s EP “Four Pink Walls” was released on Aug. 8, 2015.

An introvert’s mind is a complex web of thoughts that can rarely be expressed in words. Alessia Caracciolo is a gifted artist whose single “Here” described this perfectly and made her an almost instant musical sensation.

Instead of going straight to college after her high school graduation, Cara opted to take a year off and pursue her interest in music. The now 19-year-old  from Ontario, Canada went from singing covers in her bedroom to writing and performing her own original songs that quickly soared up the charts.

She was signed to Def Jam Recordings four years after she originally began posting on YouTube. On Aug. 28 she released her debut EP “Four Pink Walls,” most of which had been written prior to her being signed.

The five-song EP reached #6 on the iTunes Charts only a few days after its release. The tracklist begins with “Seventeen,” a song that tells about Cara’s regret towards dismissing parental advice and wanting to return to a simpler time, when she was a worry-free 17-year-old.

The EP continues with “Here,” originally released as a single, which revolves around an antisocial partygoer that would rather be at home than in an uncomfortable environment. “Here” is the song that boosted her musical career and received over 500,000 views in only the first weeks.

The other three songs on the EP are “Outlaws,” the love song “I’m Yours,” and the song behind the title, “Four Pink Walls.”

Cara has a remarkable gift that has gained her a growing number of fans worldwide. The relatable lyrics and playful beats make “Four Pink Walls” a musical sensation that won’t be forgotten.

Needless to say, fans are sitting on the edges of their seats in anticipation for any updates on when she will release more music, whether it is a single or an entire album. As Cara’s teenage popularity continues to increase, she’s an artist with enormous potential.