Album Review: Halsey’s debut album “Badlands” exceeds expectations


Photo by Justin Higuchi

Halsey’s album, “Badlands,” was released Aug. 28

Jessica Salguero

When our world brings along too much stress, press play on “Badlands,” a world where standards are thrown into the wind.

Halsey’s newest release has taken the nation by storm. Her debut album, “Badlands,” reached No. 2 on the charts just hours after it was released on Aug. 28.

Ashley Frangipane took on the stage name of Halsey and began producing music in 2012. Her musical genre can only be described as alternative pop filled with lyrics built on soul and honesty. Halsey brings her unique vocals to create a debut album like no other.

There are 16 tracks on the album’s deluxe version including hits such as “Colors” and “Hold Me Down.” They piece together the persona that is Halsey, an artist that influences a large number of people and doesn’t conform to a world’s harsh standards.

The first song on the album is “Castle.” The song was her way of expressing her intricate state of mind. She sings of the way people constantly try to change her and silence her thoughts.

“Roman Holiday” is one of the most upbeat songs on the album. However, the message of the song discusses a time when someone gets happy because of another person’s suffering.

The album includes songs that originally appeared on her debut EP, “Room 93.” “Ghost” is Halsey’s most popular single that created her unique sound and made her career skyrocket. Her song, “Hurricane,” discusses avoiding attachment in all forms.

Badlands is a world created by Halsey in which people are free to express themselves; a world unafraid of diversity. The intense beats and deep lyrics help make “Badlands” an album that must be listened to and will not soon be forgotten.