My Life Unplugged: Level Achieved


Eduardo Cruz

Freshman Angel Rivera looks at her “No Nook” Post- It on her device to replicate what she did during her Life Unplugged project to stay away from electronics for 24 hours.

Angel Rivera

Our generations “relationship” with technology is completely inseparable. So to live a day without it would be unbearable.

Though I am not desperately connected to technology, I could tell right away this was going to be difficult. When I thought about the full 24 hours I have to go without the life I know the most, I became hesitant.

I conducted this experiment on a Friday through Saturday night. I chose this time because I wanted to know how much I really rely on technology.

Since I began my experiment at night, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be aware of my actions in the morning. Therefore, I decided to use up all my devices batteries. I also put pink Post-Its on all my electronics saying specifically “NO TV!” and “NO IPOD!”

Throughout the day, the temptation built up. So my parents and I decided to go out, making my day easier. We actually spent time together. We talked and laughed as a family.

At night, I explained to my parents why I was doing this experiment and a look of  remembrance crossed their faces. They knew as well as I did that technology is not the most valuable thing in life. After, we continued to talk and I got to feel a unity between us as we smiled together over our memories.

I would’ve never thought something as simple as my family could be such a big distraction from technology. I didn’t need a distraction. I just needed my family.