Restaurant Review: Salsa and Beer serves more than just authentic Mexican food


Salsa and Beer has a festive atmosphere. Photo from
Salsa and Beer has a festive atmosphere. Photo from

Having to wait a long line isn’t such a downer knowing that you’ll be eating at one of the most run-after local hotspot, Salsa and Beer.

Salsa and Beer serves authentic Mexican food which attracts people of many cultures due to their enticing cuisine. The plates are large and tastes homemade so you’ll definitely be ending off your visit well fed and satisfied. As you wait for your food, you enjoy some perfectly salted baked tortilla chips with your choice of bean dip or utterly spicy salsa at the salsa bar.

Some may think that Salsa and Beer is essentially salsa and beer but the menu has endless possibilities to choose from, you can even create combo meals. A popular dish is the Shredded Beef Burrito filled with shredded beef, onions, cilantro, cheese and topped off with enchilada sauce and sour cream. The mouthwatering desserts offered are flan, fried ice cream and banana bars which are customers’ favorite part of their feist.

Salsa and Beer is a very cultural place to enjoy with your friends and family while watching some T.V. The walls are plastered with color and paintings which gives it a more entertaining and lively experience.  The patio is where people like to relax on warmer days while they relish their enticing food.

It’s located in Van Nuys, Balboa.