Club Corner: Volunteer to save our sphere

Alysa Basmadzhyan

Sophomore Francesca Sisk, who is the president of the Volunteer for Our Sphere club, wants to connect with her school and inform students about environmental changes. 

“My goal is to inform everybody about the dangers of pollution and how we can improve our environment,” Sisk said.

November 2022 marked the beginning of Volunteer for Our Sphere. The sponsor for Volunteer for Our Sphere is English teacher Chris McAdamis. They meet every Monday in Room 14 and discuss ideas to help out the school’s environment. The club has planned an event on April 15th where students can help clean up the school and make it a better environment for students and staff. 

“We are trying to coordinate with the school to start a cleanup and revamping around the school and possibly other places,” Lembo said. “The club itself works as a team and keeps each member as valued as the rest, which I love about the club.”

Sisk was part of a youth-led organization outside of school called Valley Changemakers, which led students to do different activities that helped out the environment. It inspired her to start Volunteer for Our Sphere at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School (DPMHS). 

“I thought it was really fun,” Sisk said. “We would go volunteer, pick up trash, plant trees and collaborate with a lot of other organizations. I thought it was really fun and a good thing.”

Sisk’s Volunteer for Our Sphere club encourages students to help in revamping the school. Besides attending their campus beautification event on April 15, students can participate by planting flowers and aiding the effort to pick up trash around the campus. 

“I want to help out our community and planet as a whole,” Lembo said. “I feel every little thing counts and no matter what, you can always help out.”