Instagram account highlights students’ personal fashion

Emily Flores

Freshman Genesis Cuellar-Figueroa loves fashion because you get to express yourself in artistic ways just like theater, singing and drawing. She uses clothes to tell a story. 

“I, myself, am someone who just has a great passion for clothes and I just wanted to experiment to see if others at school share the same interest for fashion like me,” Figueroa said. 

Since Daniel Pearl Magnet High School is small and the students are comfortable being here, Figueroa decided to make @dpmhsbestdressed, a fashion Instagram account for students to send photos of their outfits. 

She gives the students an opportunity to show off their outfits so the other students could see. It’s also for students to get ideas of what other outfits they can wear. 

“I know our school is very open minded when it comes to dress code so I thought why not show the outfits that students put together, with the advantage of the school not stopping them or dress coding them for what they are wearing,” Figueroa said. “Plus, I’m not sure if it’s just me but so many people at school have good fashion taste that I just love bringing their style into the light so it can be appreciated.” 

Figueroa loves clothing that makes her feel modest and comfortable. She loves to work with any type of clothing like skirts to hoodies. She also wants everyone to feel comfortable and confident with the style they wear every day. On the Instagram account, she wanted to post students modeling their outfits so they could have a place to show themselves and gain more confidence. 

“To self-express, it’s not about how the outfit looks to you or to someone else, it’s about how confident that person feels in their clothes and if they feel great about themselves that’s as good as it can get,” Figueroa said. “Fashion really speaks to a lot of people so I think with my page you’re able to see the variety and different personalities of those who submit their outfits to the account.”

Fashion has always been an important part of a teenager’s day-to-day life. It’s also very important in creating an individual attitude in the student’s life and that’s what Figueroa loves about fashion. Students use fashion to make friendships and boost their self-confidence. That’s why Figueroa is hoping to give a big thank you to DPMHS for giving students freedom to wear what they want. 

“My end goal is to show thanks to DPMHS for allowing students to express themselves with their clothing and what they wear,” Figueroa said.