Club Corner: Bullet Journal Club makes space for creative freedom, new friendships

Nickalas Lembo

Starting off as an online club in 2020, the Bullet Journal Club quickly became a way for students to express themselves and stay organized. 

“I didn’t think anyone else was really interested in (bullet journaling) but when I asked some of my friends, they told me they were interested in it too,” club President Valeria Luquin said. “So from there, I worked with Mr. Baer and one of my friends to found the club and it became something that we looked forward to every Tuesday.”

Bullet journaling is a method of personal organization that allows individuals to express their own creativity throughout each page. Members of the club are able to share ideas and art among themselves while spending time together. It even allows everyone to gain inspiration from one another.

“It became a nice break from school and not having to worry about work,“ said Luquin, who is editor-in-chief of The Pearl Post newsmagazine. 

Many members joined the club in order to hang out with friends. While doing this, they also gained an actual interest in bullet journaling. It allows them to stay organized with many new schedules coming their way.

“Because of class schedules, work schedules, it’s gonna be a lot, and (bullet journaling) keeps me organized,” senior Vivian Reyes said.

Members set up a picnic in the grove to meet during lunch every other Tuesday. This allows them to share ideas with other club members and converse with friends while they eat. This break gives students a chance to relax and take their minds off school.