Students maintain communication through various platforms


Jessica Melkonyan

Sophomore Jhonny Gonzalez maintains contact with his friends through Houseparty.

Jessica Melkonyan

While COVID-19 has projected pandemic panic and global lockdown since March, students have maintained communication through virtual hang outs. 

Discord is the most convenient for me because it’s easier for me to contact people with and most people have it on their PC’s,” sophomore William Myers said. 

Students practice keeping friendships up and running with different apps or online platforms, such as Zoom, Google Duo or even Netflix Party, that provide cyber conversations. The coronavirus chucked several problems into people’s lives and one of them being lack of communication. Not just kids and adults, but teenagers are also having an inconvenient block in their everyday lives by not physically socializing with friends. 

“I maintain communication virtually with my friends during this social distancing era mostly through Group FaceTime,” junior Alliana Samonte said. “We call almost every week with the same people and it just honestly brightens up my day. We usually play games online, if not we usually talk about what’s been going on in our lives.” 

It seems as though students are keeping their communication skills up and running with all the varieties of apps they use to keep in touch. The amount of communication apps are abundant. Many celebrities have also been sponsoring apps to raise the social distancing awareness. 

“I use Houseparty a lot to communicate.” sophomore Jhonny Gonzalez said. “I like it because there are options to play games during calls and it’s a good way to spend time communicating, in a cooler way,” 

Some students prefer socializing through video games, it’s a fun alternative for those who like to play games in their free time.

“I spend time playing video games with my close friends,” freshman Ryan Nevsky said.