Nintendo brings back nostalgia as Animal Crossing makes a come back



Nintendo has come out with a new but nostalgic game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” on March 20.

Maribella Ambrosio and Evan Gleason

After a long nine-month wait, Animal Crossing: New Horizon (ACNH) has now been released with many fans excited to make a new life on a deserted island.

With the first Animal Crossing game being released in 2001 on the Nintendo 64, the new ACNH is the first game of their franchise to be released on the Nintendo Switch for $60. The game is also one of the most well known social simulation video games along with Sims. Since the first three days of the games release, they have surpassed Pokemon Sword and Shield as the fastest-selling Switch game with 1.88 million copies sold in Japan.

As the game starts, there are two employees, Tommy and Timmy, who work for the company Nook Inc. They will ask a series of questions to determine what location in the world you live in. This will determine what your time zone will be to make the game pass as if it was in real time. After answering those questions, there are various maps to pick that determine what kind of island you want to live on. Once that has been decided, the owner of Nook Inc., Tom Nook, who is also a raccoon will introduce himself. 

After meeting Tom Nook, two fellow animal characters meet with the primary player to join the adventure. After his introduction you find a place to put up a tent and that’s considered “home”  for the remainder of the game. 

Once the game fully kicks into gear, it brings many fun activities with a massive museum being built, which the player fills up with bugs and fish caught, along with the  dug up fossils. Other activities include selling items to Tommy and Timmy to earn Bells, which is one of the currencies they have. In this new game, they introduce the Nook Miles program, which gives you Nook Miles that you can use to purchase other items.

ACNH is an entertaining game with many other activities such as flying to other islands to get materials, decorating your home or just simply completing the task Tom Nook gives you.

ACNH is definitely worth the purchase with very unique objectives and an overall relaxing time.