App of the Month: Driving School 3D


Parampreet Aulakh

“Driving School 3D” offers players the chance to drive a virtual car with realistic rules.

Alliana Samonte

Learn how to signal, park and brake by downloading “Driving School 3D.”

Developed by Nullapp, “Driving School 3D” allows those who are close to receiving their permit or driver’s license to practice all the basic rules of the road.

There are various modes to play in this free app, such as career mode, free drive and multiplayer. In career mode, the player has to follow all of the instructions and the path the driver needs to take. To pass the levels of driving make sure to fasten your seatbelt, turn the blinkers on and stop when needed. If one of the instructions were not followed, the player will lose a star. There is a total of three stars which determine how well the player drove.

Free drive is very similar to career mode except for the fact that there are no instructions. The player is allowed to practice turning, use their brakes and how to park without any rules.

To play with friends, the multiplayer mode is the way to go. Players have the ability to race with other drivers in over 80 levels.

The app is available on Apple, Android and Microsoft devices. So, prepare for the test, fasten your seatbelt and try not to lose any stars.