App of the Month: Design your favorite sweets with the game “Slices”

Itzel Luna

From addicting daily challenges to unique graphics, “Slices” is the mobile game guaranteed to become your new favorite guilty pleasure.

Created by “Great Job Games,” this compelling app features six empty pizza trays that are each divided into six pieces. All trays are empty at the beginning of the game. Pieces are then chosen randomly and the player must use them to fill up a tray.

The trick is to make sure there is enough space on your trays for the upcoming piece. If the same piece is filled on all of the trays, the game gives the option to continue the level by watching an ad. This alternative ability restarts all of the trays but lets the player keeps the points they previously earned.

The goal is to fill as many trays as possible without filling up the same piece on all six trays. Completing a tray will make those pieces disappear along with pieces on the two adjacent trays. This gives the player points. The number of points needed to win increases per level, making each one harder than the last.

Each level also has a new design on the pieces that is bound to peak the player’s interest. Whether the player is a health nut or a donut lover, these designs include everyone’s favorite foods.  

From eggs and bacon to chocolate chip cookies, the game’s eye-catching daily challenges provide a change of rules for the player. They must now fill up five trays consecutively to win the challenge.  

A new challenge is available every 24 hours. It provides a nice change of pace from the difficulty of the regular levels.

Although seemingly easy to master, “Slices” proves to deceive initial expectations with its close to impossible levels. Extremely addictive in nature, the app is free to download on Google Play and the Apple Store.