Restaurant Review: Sugar-coat summer at Sweet Butter Kitchen


Jessica Melkonyan

Sweet Butter Kitchen is located in Sherman Oaks.

Jessica Melkonyan

Known for their exotic burritos and mouth-watering, cloud-like pancakes, Sweet Butter Kitchen sure does live up to its delicious title.

Spotted on 13824 Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks, the American restaurant is located in one of the best environments in the city. Exotic stores, lovely clean streets and famous diners pin Sweet Butter Kitchen a sweet, charming area.

You can expect delicious breakfast omelets, burritos,  sandwiches and special avocado toast. During brunch, customers have the choice of amazing chicken and waffles, eggs benedict and more. However, most credit is given to the most adored pancakes and waffles. The heartwarming restaurant knows how to make its customers feel wonderful.

It’s not your typical walk-in restaurant where you go in and ask for a table then order. You first have to order inside the mini market and pay for your food there.  

No, this place creatively have you come in and go to the mini market they have on the left of the main entrance, where you can look through the menu, then order and pay on the spot. Nicely, the worker gives you a cardholder with a card that has a random food item name on it You go on a lookout to the desired area to eat and put your cardholder down on the table. The waiters look for your card so they know where to bring the orders, but it never takes more than a 20-minute wait for your whole order to arrive.

Sweet Butter Kitchen is decorated in such a cozy manner and you feel excited when you visit because the atmosphere and company is a heart-warming experience. The waiters are all so considerate and attentive. You cannot have a coffee cup empty for more than two minutes because they will be on the lookout for your needs. Whether you want to sit under the roofed area, or outside around the restaurant, you do not feel uncomfortable in any way because the tables are always full, but not too full to have you feel too close to anyone.

Regulars of Sweet Butter Kitchen desire the menu because of its organic and vegan options such as Emma’s Avocado Toast and the Vegan Chilaquiles. The prices are affordable; meals don’t go lower than $4 and don’t pass $15. It’s comfortable to go out with your group of friends and each person could pay for their meals.

Ultimately, this is a must-eat restaurant everyone should visit. It is guaranteed you will not leave Sweet Butter Kitchen feeling any less than happily fulfilled. With a 3.5 star rating on Yelp, it’s definitely worth trying out.

Hours of operation: 8a.m.-6p.m.