Caps off seniors, graduation is almost here

Valeria Luquin

Karina Mara
Science teacher Stephen Schaffter will be the keynote speaker for the Class of 2019″s graduation. The graduation ceremony will be held at Mulholland Middle School on June 7 at 5 p.m.

Rather than sticking to keynote speaker tradition when it comes to graduation, the microphone will be handed over to retiring teacher Stephen Schaffter.

“It is an incredible honor,” science teacher and keynote speaker Schaffter said. “In the past, it’s always been a journalist and prominent people, so for me, it’s an honor.”

 The graduating Class of 2019 will have their ceremony at Mulholland Middle School on June 7 beginning at 5 p.m.

Schaffter will be retiring this year, making this his last graduation ceremony as a teacher. Principal Deb Smith, who is also retiring this year, chose him to be the keynote speaker. Along with Schaffter, she will also be one of the speakers. The third speaker for the ceremony will be Senior Valedictorian Michael Chidbachian. He will be giving a commencement speech to the crowd of seniors, staff and family members present.  

“Well, I kind of expected it,” Chidbachian said. “But it’s still pretty great.”

The valedictorian feels the nerves that come with knowing graduation is getting closer each day. With the daunting task of performing a speech in front of a lot of people and his family,  he feels a bit of uneasiness. He plans on writing about the accomplishments of his fellow classmates, along with what they have taken away during their time at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School (DPMHS).

Graduation day, along with the ceremony, is a day that celebrates and commends the students and teachers on all the hard work they’ve done. It will be a memorable event for not only the seniors but for the parents, teachers and staff members too.

Although it is currently undetermined if there will be a 100% graduation rate this year, there’s a high chance that the graduation rate will be high. Since it will be held at Mulholland Middle School, which is a bigger campus than DPMHS, there is more space for multiple guests to be present.

     “Reach higher than you think you can achieve,” Smith said. “Find a career that you like because working as an adult is hard work.”