5 ways to prepare for upcoming AP exams


Julissa Rangel

Various websites are accessible to help study for AP exams.

Alliana Samonte

Advanced Placement (AP) exams can be a stressful time for every student. Consider taking some of these free and resourceful ways to help you study for the upcoming tests. The tests will take place between May 6 through 17.

1. Getafive.com

This website offers real tutors for AP Calculus AB, AP World History, AP U.S. History and AP Biology online. Below the courses are descriptions of each teacher, information on how long they have been teaching, where they have taught the course and a little bit of background. Each course provides a different number of video lessons and practice questions. To get started, click that you are a student and press the green “Get Started,” button to learn how to get a five on the AP tests.

2. Brainscape

Brainscape is a free website and app which can help students study for their AP exams. Easily sign up with either a Facebook or email account to start creating flashcards. The website includes digital flashcards based on textbooks or practice exams.

3. KhanAcademy.com

Khan Academy is another free online tutoring and educating website. It offers video lessons similar to a teacher instructing a lecture with visuals that display drawings and writings. Khan Academy offers tutoring through a variety of subjects, whether it be to help you prepare for the AP exam or any test.

4. AP Preparation Books:

AP preparation books by Princeton Review are helpful books that guide the format of the AP exam. The book offers practice essay questions, multiple choice questions and practice exams.

5. On-campus tutoring: 

This year, Spanish teachers Glenda Hurtado and Marta Rodriguez are offering Spanish tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch for students taking the AP Spanish Language & Culture test. Having teachers willing to teach students during their free time is an advantage to students who feel they may need more guidance in the class.