PokeTom vlogs his way to success


Thomas Short

Senior Thomas Short creates various types of videos on his YouTube channel and hopes to expand his channel in the future.

Martin Garcia

Thomas Short’s dream job has always been to have a YouTube channel.

He started one four years ago in 2014, but it was nothing like his current channel now. He began his dream in 2014 with his first channel with 31 videos and 61 subscribers but doesn’t upload on it anymore since the creation of his new one.

“It was just my name,” Short said about the channel name. “I didn’t delete it. I just stopped posting on it because I forgot the password. I will never forget the password for my new channel.”

His new channel is called PokeTom. At a sub count of over 3,000 subscribers, he has Delatrune playthroughs, vlogging, heavy Pokémon card unpacking and Cuphead comic dubs, or voice acting.

“They’re the (most fun) to make,” Short said about why he makes those videos. “The comic dubs especially help with my acting because I also want to be an actor. And the comic dubs actually help get my voice out there because more people share it around and they get a lot of views.”

His dubs are sometimes used for bigger channels. Comic Dub Cinema used some of his dubs for compilation videos and he said he was doing dubbing for an upcoming video by animation channel Bendy Dubs TV.

His friends also know about his channel. One of them, senior Quiser Nasir, even wants to help him.

“I’m subscribed,”  Nasir said. “He’s been my friend for the longest. (I want him to) not change, but expand like creating his own website, starting to make merch. I asked him, I volunteered since ninth to 10th grade. I want to help a lot.”

Several of his friends are supportive of his channel and look forward to the content he publishes.

“I am curious to see how he would react to the recent trailer of Pokémon Sword and Shield,” senior Melissa Hernandez said. “I know Thomas is a bigger Pokémon fan than me, from the cards to the games and the show in general.”

Short likes the videos he does but hopes to expand and start doing skits and more acting. His channel is something he wants to continue to grow even after he graduates.

“I like to be able to do whatever I want and that’s all about what my channel is,” Short said. “I like to do anything that I want and to be able to do that for a living would be awesome.”