Restaurant Review: The bangin’ hype at Bangin’ Buns

Briana Lopez

The new, vibrant Bangin’ Buns restaurant located in North Hollywood has been catching the attention of many due to its unique take on Nashville-inspired hot chicken.

Bangin’ Buns offers few menu options with food that tastes far from ordinary. Ranging in price from $7.50 to $12.50, their meals are affordable and well worth the price. Customers have the option to choose their style of chicken and spice level.

The establishment’s most popular dish is their bangin’ plate, which is definitely a banger. The plate is two French roll sandwiches stuffed with their seasoned tenders, cole slaw, pickles and their house-made bangin’ sauce with fries on the side. The spiciness of the chicken is your choice as they offer levels such as country, mild, medium, spicy and bangin’. Their fries are well seasoned and have a flavorful kick to them.

As a small business, the owners are dedicated to keeping their customers updated on their social media daily and showcasing their dedication to the food. Employees constantly post on their Instagram story to show their overwhelmingly long lines.

With lines almost always reaching outside the restaurant and curving around the shopping center, the food waiting for you at the end is not one to disappoint. Although the crowded ambiance of the restaurant always varies, customers should expect to spend about one hour in line. Although limited business hours and the impossibility of finding parking close to the restaurant may be a turn off for many, customers still return for the favored foods.

The restaurant’s design is extraordinarily colorful. Because of its young owners, the restaurant is geared toward a younger crowd. Their walls are filled with popular cartoons and loud, upbeat music is always playing. The owners are always changing parts of their restaurant and constantly add new designs to their walls, which adds creativity and uniqueness to the newly opened brick and mortar restaurant.

Although the name has been around for months, Bangin’ Buns did not open their first brick and mortar location until earlier this year. After serving their flavorful chicken tenders in an empty parking lot and running as a food stand for a few months, their first location was opened on Sherman Way and Bellaire Street.

Due to their popularity and large social media presence, Bangin’ Buns’ owners plan on expanding across Southern California. Although their restaurant is fairly new, it’s always crowded. Their 4.6 Yelp review is well deserved, but shorter lines, better parking and more menu options would likely boost it even further.

Phone orders can be made ahead of time for pickup, but one should expect to wait about 30 minutes until the order is ready. Bangin’ Buns is open every day, except Sunday, from 6 P.M to 12 A.M.