Club Corner: Awareness brought to bring change to mental health


Jade Campbell

Social work intern and club sponsor Callan Edwards passes out pens to promote the club during a club meeting Dec. 5.

Shannon Sullivan

One goal of the Bring Change To Mind Club has been to help open up teens to discussing mental health, a topic the club hopes to destigmatize.

“I believe every school should have some mental health awareness club,” club member Thomas Gomez said. “Mental health is a very difficult thing to deal with and problems are even more common now.”

The club meets every Wednesday at lunch in Room 10, where they discuss different ways to give a boost to themselves and students. They are constantly seeking new members and welcome anyone who is interested.

Junior Mia Garcia is the club president, with the vice-president having not been decided on yet. Social work intern Callan Edwards works with Daniel Pearl Magnet High School’s current social worker JoAnne Tuell to sponsor the club.

The club helps to raise awareness and promote good mental health, such as passing out cards with helpline numbers in an attempt to access students who need help before a crisis happens.

“I think if the students were open to getting help the club could definitely have an impact,” Garcia said.

The club wants to work against today’s stereotypes about mental health and normalize the subject in order to better educate people. The Bring Change To Mind Club also wants to disprove certain stereotypes about mental health, such as anxiety being funny or depression being cute, as well as the belief that certain mental issues don’t exist.

“Part of the goal is to change the culture around mental health and to change how students would view it,” Edwards said.