Club Corner: Students find safe haven at Pride Club

Harlow Frank

Pride Club President Chelsea Bangert and Vice President Stephanie Pynes have made a safe haven for teens who don’t know how to feel about the choices they make about what their interests and needs help coming out.

“Pride Club was made as a safe space for people to feel comfortable about being who they are,” Pynes said. “I feel like everyone should have a club to go to and feel like they can talk about anything.

Melissa Johnson, an intern at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, helps sponsor Pride Club. Pride Club was created because others wanted to help people that are having a hard time coming out and make them feel comfortable about their feelings and what they are going through. It also allows them to talk to others that are going through the same thing that others are. This club allows them to not feel left out by others because of the choices they make and who they want to be with.

“I joined Pride Club to express myself cause I never really did that last year at my old school,” sophomore Andy Jacobo said. “I think Pride Club makes me feel able to talk about how I feel.”

Pride Club meets every Wednesday at lunch in room 10. In each meeting, topics such as their experiences that have affected them deeply are discussed. Members also strategize ways to promote their club, such as fundraising and finding other ways to raise money.