Salsa and Beer offers authentic Mexican food


Cassia Ramelb

Freshly made shrimp enchiladas with red sauce, refried beans and rice are among one of the many dishes offered at Salsa and Beer.

Cassia Ramelb

Salsa and Beer cooks up made-to-order rustic and authentic Mexican cuisine at its location in Lake Balboa.

Originating from Jerez, Zacatecas, Salsa and Beer was established by the Huerta family in 1998. Since then, the restaurant has created a bright, bustling environment with lines swarming out the door. Along the walls and windows of the restaurant is a vibrant desert canvas portraying Mexican culture. However, its location in North Hollywood invites guests to sit out on the colorful patio deck with a ranchero architectural design.

Ranging in price from $5 to $14, the plates are largely portioned and well seasoned, leaving no customer unsatisfied.

Servers start each table’s meal with an original bean dip with a dash of heat, an assortment of salsa choices and unlimited refills of chips.

One can order the taquito trio appetizer combo and be greeted by crispy chicken, beef and potato taquitos topped with freshly made guacamole, finely diced pico de gallo, chipotle sauce, a spicy green sauce and a dollop of sour cream for $6.99.

For $9.99, the shrimp enchilada features a red-sauce drenched tortilla stuffed with cheese, pico de gallo and a hefty amount of shrimp encased in a bed of rice and refried beans sure to bring life to tastebuds.

Sizzling pans of seasoned steak, chicken and shrimp fill the restaurant with flavorsome smells encourage sending customers to order their specialty fajitas priced at $13.99.

Similarly popular, the tortilla soup soaks zucchini, potatoes, carrots, celery, cheese, chicken, pico de gallo and most importantly tortilla stripes in a flavor-filled broth sparked with a drizzle of cilantro all at a low price of $3.99.

To close the deal, Salsa and Beer plates a flan and deep fried ice cream dish opening a field of sweet flavors into its savory spices.


6740 White Oak Ave
Lake Balboa, CA 91406
United States


11669 Sherman Way
North Hollywood, CA  91605
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