Restaurant Review: The hidden Little Jewel missing in your life

Cassia Ramelb

Photo by little
The Little Jewel of New Orleans brings the taste of New Orleans to Downtown LA. This authentic New Orleans restaurant is located in Chinatown.

The holiest of all holy food is the glorified crab mac and cheese, catfish and hush puppies from The Little Jewel of New Orleans.

Priced at $13, the mac and cheese is loaded with fresh crab soaked in cheese and an assortment of kickin’ cajun spices guaranteed to set your mouth ablaze. At any ol’ creole, stop you must have straight from the water, battered, flaky catfish that releases an aroma of quenching heat into the air. Ultimately, you can not surpass the crispy boiled and fried hush puppies to give some sweetness to the whole package.

Located in Chinatown, The Little Jewel of New Orleans serves mouth watering classic ol’ town creole plates from the South.

The spacious restaurant is part grocery store and part dining with a wide vibrant illustrated menu lined across a wall. On the main floor situates small wooden tables and refrigerators holding refreshing classic beverages. The convenient store hosts old-fashioned drinks, chips and candy from the 90s back.

The Little Jewel of New Orleans has a rating of 4 out of 5 star review listed on Yelp, however it deserves a whooping five star review. Given two thumbs up, this shack was featured on the critically acclaimed Food Network show, “Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives,” hosted by Guy Fieri. Anyone looking for a hefty filling meal should stop by this hole-in-the-wall banger.

For a mildly pricey mouth-watering meal, the restaurant makes your money worth spending. With its delicious flavors, each bite leaves leaves you craving for more and wanting to order the whole menu.