Arts and crafts makes a creative comeback

Elizabeth Cortez

Arts and crafts may seem like a thing of the past, but with the help of Arts and Crafts Club, students are able to once again enjoy this creative pastime.

“We created the club to get the creativity going in this school and we wanted to see if people were still interested in arts and crafts,” junior Pauline Miranda said.

Arts and Crafts club was created by a group of artistic individuals: Alyssa Cancio, Marjina Haque and Pauline Miranda whose hopes were to inspire more creativity on campus and continue the legacy of Fashion Club.

Last year’s Fashion Club serves as inspiration for the activities done in Arts and Crafts Club. The club held different events and activities such as a fashion show where they modeled up cycled clothing.

The presidents’ intent with starting the club was to inspire more creativity on campus and continue the legacy of Fashion Club. Last year’s club produced a fashion show, modeling upcycled clothing.

Since President Cancio excels in crafts, they decided to take a different route. The club looks into the world of fashion and travels further down, covering all sorts of craft-related activities.

The Art and Crafts Club does activities including learning the intricate steps of sewing tote backs and embroidering letters and various designs.

“It (this club) was kind of an attachment because last year we had Fashion Club but the president of that club isn’t here this year so we didn’t want to continue without her,” sophomore Haque said. “We went for the next best alternative.”

The club mainly focuses on one-on-one teaching where members are taught the craft of sewing and embroidery. Cancio is well-experienced and brings her knowledge of crafting to every meeting. She works with students on the sewing machine while Haque teaches them embroidery skills.

They will be moving on to learning from patterns soon. As of now, the club is aiming to have a steady project to participate in Comic Con. Although the specific details are still unclear, the club presidents hope to put together an art exhibit for the event.

The Arts and Crafts Club meets up every Wednesday during lunch in Room 6.

“We don’t just sew clothes in there,” Cancio said. ”We do various stuff like pencil pouches or stuffed animals. Our goal is to teach people new hobbies.”