Loving yourself this Valentine’s Day


Angie Rumbo

There are many fun and fulfilling activities to do alone this Valentine’s Day.

Angie Rumbo

Spending Valentine’s Day alone can often mean scrolling through pictures of couples on social media and purchasing discounted chocolate the following day, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a list of ways to make this Valentine’s Day filled with self-love and growth, without the help of a significant other.

  • Treat yourself. Create your own DIY spa or eat the most unhealthy (but delicious) meal you love. Just do whatever makes you happy and don’t be afraid to splurge a little.
  • Learn how to make a new recipe. Pull out those secret family recipes you have always wanted to test out or tackle new recipes that spark your interest.
  • Go thrifting. Go explore the wonders and beauty of thrift stores. You never know what you may find.
  • Keep a journal. You can write about anything going on in your life or problems you are having. You can even write about your cat. Be creative with it.
  • Meditate. Take some time to unwind and be in the present. Meditation will help keep you at ease.
  • Binge watch your favorite movies or television shows. You could watch some that have your favorite celebrity crushes or even discover new shows.
  • Get creative. Buy paints and a canvas and paint whatever you want. It doesn’t just have to be a painting, you can make collages or anything else that comes to mind.
  • Get started on a New Year’s resolution. This year is still just getting started. Go out there and be bold.
  • Practice self-love. Realize how valuable and important you are, with or without a significant other. Be patient and try not to stress over things you can’t control.