The Savage approach to journalism

Lauryn Uhlenberg

David Eskichyan
Journalism 100 teacher Tracie Savage lectures her students during the after school class.

Teaching journalism for seven years and being involved in the field for even longer, Tracie Savage is able to offer a deeper insight into the aspects of journalism that high school courses typically don’t cover.

Savage, the professor of Journalism 100, is highly experienced in the field of journalism. She spent 30 years in broadcast media, including NBC 4 and KFWB in Los Angeles, and has loved every minute of it. Her passion for the profession is beneficial to those in her class, as she gives tips, advice and warnings only someone familiar with the field would be able to share.

“It’s wonderful to me to be able to share my experience and my knowledge of the profession with potential future journalists,” Savage said. “I feel very lucky that I’m able to teach a subject that I’ve loved and been so passionate about.”

Savage teaches full time at Pierce College but additionally makes her way to Daniel Pearl Magnet on Mondays and Wednesdays teach students here as well. The journalism class goes beyond the basics taught at the high school level and covers all the different types of mass media, such as radio, newspaper, motion pictures, magazines, public relations, advertising and the internet.

“We evaluate and we take a look at how each form of media got started,” Savage said. “We analyze its history, where it came from, what got it from the entrepreneurial stage to a mass media where people all across the world are now engaging with it.”

The types of assignments given in class are largely interactive based and students are encouraged to discuss in groups, peer-to-peer, or with the whole class. Discussion and participation are elements that are graded, as well as solo and group presentations on various topics.

“She’s a really nice professor and really engaging,” senior David Palacios said. “She actually has experience in the field of journalism and news.”