Hambright receives Rookie of the Year Award

Samantha Freyre

Photo by Deb Smith
Music teacher Wes Hambright accepts Rookie of the year Award with Principal Deb Smith on Aug. 13.

A few months after receiving the district’s Rookie of the Year Award, music teacher Wes Hambright continues teaching his students the art of music with the hope that they will gain confidence and the ability to think creatively by the end of the school year.

“When I was told I had won a Rookie of the Year award I was floored,” Hambright said. “It came as a big surprise because I didn’t even know the award existed.”

On Aug. 13, the 18 winners of the Rookie of the Year award were treated to a Dodgers-Angel baseball game at a private suite at Dodgers Stadium. The award was initially created with the intent to recognize and reward teachers in the Los Angeles area. Winners were selected through key characteristics such as effectiveness in preparing and delivering instructions, providing a positive classroom environment and showing high levels of professionalism.

Most students were overjoyed to hear that their favorite music teacher had received an award for his outstanding teaching skills. Many believed Hambright deserved the award because of  unique way of teaching music.

“He deserves this award because he is really interactive with his students and he’s willing to stay the extra 10 minutes to help you actually get the music,”  Senior Christian Martinez- Sepulveda said. “You see his excitement when he’s teaching us and it makes you excited.”

This award was given to 18 first-year teachers out of 76 other candidates. Receiving the recognition is extremely humbling for many teachers because only few are selected out of all of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

“I think the award reinforced the fact that I am doing a solid job at DPMHS,” Hambright said. “This helps give me a momentum to continue with my goals for the school and the students here.”