Club Corner: Fun multiplies, adds up in Math Club


Angel Rivera

President Michael Chidbachian and Vice-President Karina Mara introduce the topic of the week, ISBN numbers to club members Julissa Rangel, Lauryn Uhlenberg, Kirsten Cintigo and Culyer Huffman.

Angel Rivera

Math Club President Michael Chidbachian and Vice-President Karina Mara hope to share their love of math with fellow students by working collaboratively to explore more interesting concepts, not typically taught in math classes.

Math Club began on April 11, when sophomores Chidbachian and Mara thought to create a club where the common feelings of hatred many students have for the subject could be changed. In each weekly meeting, students would be given the opportunity to work alongside their classmates and solve more interactive problems.

“We wanted to start the math club because Michael and I both enjoy math,” Mara said. “We also saw how math was a subject people would commonly dislike and easily give up on, so with the Math Club we hope to help people see the fun part of math.”

Open to all, Math Club provides a unique way of getting students to reevaluate their feelings of dread toward the subject. Instead of focusing on boring textbook work, Chidbachian and Mara try to incorporate abstract and different materials that do not require intensive amounts of difficult math to keep their members intrigued.

“By showing members this better side of math, I hope to get them more involved with things like this and perhaps even go into a STEM related career,” Chidbachian said. “But for now, I’m just trying to get them to see different things than what they’d normally see in math.”

Each weekly meeting focuses on a different topic and a different activity, giving students the opportunity to learn something new in math in a more exciting and unconventional way.

“My favorite thing about math club is that it’s interactive and we learn something new every week,” said sophmore Lauryn Uhlenberg, a member of the club.

The club meets every Tuesday at lunch in club sponsors, Leslie Hicks’ room.

“Right now it’s just for fun, but next year we’re going to prepare for math competitions, like the AMC 10 or 12, and hopefully join up as a team and compete against others at different schools,” Chidbachian said.