11 environmental friendly habits to pick up this Earth Day

Michelle Kaganovsky

Nallely De Lara



Get your thumb a little greener this Earth Day with these environmentally-friendly activities.

Unplug for a day by spending time outdoors or exploring a new area. Visit a nearby park such as Balboa Park or take an adventure to a hiking trail like Wisdom Tree and Cahuenga Peak.

Participate in a beach cleanup to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in oceans.

Lower your water and electricity usage in order to preserve resources. This doesn’t have to be a one time thing, consider making this a daily routine.

Start a compost bin at home or at school. All you need for composting is a container and food scraps in order to fertilize soil and eradicate waste.

Opt out from driving to school and instead ride a bike or take the bus to lower the amount of smog being emitted into the atmosphere.

Get creative and repurpose waste through fun activities such as making art masterpieces out of old boxes

Recycle to decrease the amount of waste produced and accumulated in landfills.

Replace old and inefficient lightbulbs with energy-saving ones.

Purchase items you could use more than once like reusable bottles and cloth bags.