College Corner: post-high school alternatives

Eva Kaganovsky

Screenshot from by Nallely Delara.
Screenshot from by Nallely Delara.

After high school, many students fear that college is their only option but college is not for everyone. There are many alternatives available for high school graduates.

The military

The military gives high school students the opportunity to gain knowledge in a wide variety of fields. The military provides healthcare, free/reduced college tuition and a salary similar to one of a college graduate.

Tradesman or Vocational School

Tradesman and vocational schools are a perfect option for those interested in becoming an electrician, metal worker or welder along with other hands-on careers.

American Corps

The American Corps is a network of hundreds of programs that give high school graduates an opportunity to learn work skills, earn money and travel across America to respond to community needs and aid in natural disasters.


Internships give graduates the opportunity to try out a career before committing to it. Although internships are usually not paid, they are an excellent way to gain experience.

A gap year

Instead of paying for college, another alternative is taking a year off. Malia Obama will be among a growing amount of students who decided to take a year off before attending college. There are so many opportunities out there that students are unable to experience by sitting in a lecture hall.