Students prepare for Daniel Pearl World Music Day

Steven Guzman and Maia Hito

, Eva Kaganovsky, and Michael Chidbachian

Senior Katie Lashley has always  loved sharing her poems with her peers. When she found out that she had the opportunity to perform for an audience of hundreds, she immediately took it.

“I felt that just writing a poem didn’t necessarily express its true nature,” Lashley said. “Instead of just being writing, I want it to be a great story and experience.”

Lashley will start off Daniel Pearl World Music Day (DPWMD) with her original poem “Today Until Tomorrow” with senior Matthew Serenana playing the guitar under her poetry.

Alongside Lashley, other poets have been reciting their poems in efforts of mastering them for the school’s 7th annual DPWMD on Oct. 28. The annual event recognizes the life of journalist Daniel Pearl, who was born on Oct. 10.

DPWMD was created in 2002 after the death of Pearl, a Wall Street Journal reporter. In addition to his love for journalism, Pearl had a passion for music. The month-long celebration of his life developed by the Daniel Pearl Foundation has expanded to include 140 countries.

“The point of World Music Day is to build a community spirit and bring everyone together,” Principal Deb Smith said.

Beginning with the song “Imagine” and ending the concert with  “Give Peace a Chance,” the choir hopes to encourage tolerance through music. DPWMD will also feature Noy Gawy and Chanel Kohanim singing “Aba,” a traditional Hebrew song.

“This is not only a music show, but a show about coming together and putting out a unified message,” said Daniel Pearl World Music Day’s music director Wes Hambright.

This year, Hambright is making significant changes to DPWMD. The newly formed choir will sing uplifting music to inspire compassion between different cultures. In between songs, poetry will be recited by students.

The 7th annual DPWMD will feature international greeters, singers, poets, a variety of instruments and The Sardines, a band created by Matthew Sarenana, Ivan Trejo and Ethan Coffee.

On Oct. 26, sophomores, juniors and seniors will see the student performances. Daniel Pearl’s parents, Ruth and Dr. Judea Pearl, will be watching the show on Oct. 28 alongside the freshman class and superintendent Michelle King.

Hambright hopes DPWMD will encourage students to join the music program.

“We have a holiday show coming up this year also, so hopefully, after Daniel Pearl World Music Day students are inclined to get involved,” Hambright said.

Hambright has been coaching the choir and band, helping them get past the struggles and improve for the show.

“World Music Day is the day we commemorate Daniel Pearl and preserve the great memories of him. It’s a great way to show that we care about him and what he’s done,” sophomore Astrid Cabrera said.