Becoming a published poet has no age limit


Juliette Tafoya

Junior France Cheska uses the school hallway as inspiration for her writing. She has written three books of poetry and is waiting to have them published in the next year or two.

Emily Felix

France Cheska is a junior who is passionate about writing and is currently working on poetry books, which will be published.

“I write poems to express myself and to send messages to the public,” Cheska said. “Who knew something that I feel also relates to millions of people out there.”

Ever since she was 12 years old, Cheska started small with writing poems. Now she is working hard with writing three poetry books. Each book contains about 200 or more poems, revolving around topics such as society, love and morals. The books are titled “360 of the Human Anatomy,” “Cardiac Arrest” and “Midnight Conversations.” Cheska’s work is all based on her observations throughout the everyday life and personal experiences.

Cheska is currently working on all three of the books and is determined to complete then before publishing. She is deciding between publishing with CreateSpace, a self publishing company or from other companies. Cheska worked on her books for two years and hopes they will be published by the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018.

“It’s very stressful because you’re already focusing too much in school like homework, tests and other assigned work,” Cheska said.

At times, she comes to school exhaust- ed, but is still giving all her effort to fulfill her goals. Despite this, she is exceeding in her grades and is continuing to work hard on her books.

“In the future, I will continue with my creative writing career but soon, I will try to get a degree and a major toward liberal arts and journalism,” Cheska said.

Cheska’s main goal for the future is to be a journalist at The New York Times while becoming her own author as well. She believes it’s her job to convey mes- sages to her audience such as not to be influenced by society’s judgements. Writing for Cheska is also a way to help herself and turn her unspoken words into expression.