Volunteer options during break

Jessica Salguero


Neighborhood animal shelter:

Spaces fill up quickly so sign up as soon as possible. Each shelter offers different tasks in which they need volunteers to participate in, such as walking dogs or interacting with shy animals.


Public Library:

Ask a local librarian or visit the library’s website to set up volunteer hours. Volunteers reshelve books and help people navigate throughout the library. The age requirement, if any, will depend on the individual library’s policies.


Meals on Wheels West:

In this charity, volunteers can deliver daily, weekly, or monthly meals to people from in Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Palisades, and other locations.  Volunteers deliver to about 10 people every delivery. Shifts are usually from 10:30 am -12:30pm.


Watch The Wild:

During short periods of time, write down and email observations of the wildlife in the neighborhood. This task takes only 10 minutes, but this depends on the writer.


No Kid Hungry:

Volunteering for No Kid Hungry includes distributing meals around Venice. Depending on what task, volunteers can either distribute pantry items or warm meals to people Monday through Friday.