Club Spotlight: Exploring Music 101 gives a new perspective to the world of music


Juniors Alessandra Silva and Daniel Seidman, creators of the club, share their own tastes in music. The Exploring Music 101 Club meet every other Monday, where they share their favorites generes or songs. The club hold its meetings in music teacher Jackie Gorki’s room at lunch.

Aileen Kangavary

Junior Alessandra Silva and Daniel Seidman wanted to create a club in hopes of giving their peers an informative insight on different music genres from around the world in an interactive way.

“We created this club to introduce and expose musically curious students to different genres of music, their cultural significance, and catalysts,” Seidman said. “I hope our members come out of the group having a love for music as much as I do.”

Every other Monday, 15 students attend Exploring Music 101 in Jackie Gorski’s room during lunch. Each meeting the members of the club focus on a different genre of music and as a group discuss their reactions and thoughts on it. Juniors Victoria Nuñez and Joseph Mousaed are co-presidents of the club.

“I think this group is very beneficial because it opens your mind and ears to new music you’ve never heard of,” junior Rommel Lejarde said. “It brings you more knowledge to identify what kind of music is being played.”

Lejarde pitched the genre alternative rock and the song “Snow (Hey Oh)” by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Each of the members come together and share their different types of music tastes with one another. 

“I’m really glad I created this group with Daniel, Joseph and Victoria because this brought us closer and now I’m closer with other students as well,” Silva said.