College Corner: Surviving freshman year alone

Angel Rivera

List of things to watch out for

  • “Find mentors you can go to and that can help you with school or even with a personal problem,” counselor Martina Torres said.

  • “Join clubs, introduce yourself and don’t be afraid to talk to strangers (other students),”  college counselor Linda Zimring said.

  • “Set a budget. You only have limited amounts of funding, so setting up a monthly budget and knowing ahead of time what to spend the money on helps a student save money,” Torres said.

  • “Students should access the resources available to them if they have any problems socially, emotionally or intellectually,” Torres said.

  • “You have to learn how to be responsible for yourself because in college, you’re on your own,” Zimring said.

  • “Use technology to manage the busy college life. Simple online notes of due dates and assignment description can save a student majorly,” Zimring said.

  • “Be true to yourself about what you are willing to do and not do. If you have pre-determined limitations you are able to stick to your goals in school,” Torres said.

  • “To avoid problems with roommates, students should have open discussions of their likes and dislikes and establish ground rules in the beginning,” Zimring said.

  • “To avoid stress in college, you should establish daily routines that include time for healthy eating, studying, exercising and spending time with friends,” Torres said.

  • “To save money, you can consider renting textbooks, buying used ones or get them online,” Zimring said.

Dorm Must Haves

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