Resident yo-yo performer wins awards


Jake Dobbs

Requiring more than just the flick of a wrist, junior Cedric Eusantos preforms one of the many yo-yo tricks he has learned over years of practice.

Jessica Salguero

Most people attempt simple tricks on a yo-yo and give up after a short period of time. However, that’s not the case with junior Cedric Eusantos.

Eusantos fits the description of an average teenager that constantly wears t-shirts and jeans. However, there’s more to him than what the eye can see. His hands can work wonders when faced with the right set of circumstances, they are what make him unique.

Eusantos began practicing with a yo-yo when he was 10-years-old and has accelerated his skill level tremendously. He has placed 3rd in the Redondo Beach Competition and won 1st place in the Northern California Yo-Yo Competition last month. This is only the beginning.

“My plan is to take my yo-yo expertise to the world championship,” Eusantos said. “Hopefully I can take it that far.”

Eusantos was inspired to begin mastering the realm of yo-yo proficiency by both his father and brother. Along with a supportive family, his friends have shown great acceptance and encouragement for his remarkable talent.

“I’m supportive of his yo-yo competitions and I’m happy that he has a hobby he can turn to,” said junior David Flores.

Not only are the yo-yo competitions filled with extreme excitement and jumping nerves, but these events have also taught Eusantos a very important life lesson.

“The way yo-yo has influenced my life is I never give up,” Eusantos said. “I live my life while I can, while I’m young.”