Five tips on how students can time manage in their hectic lives

Angelo Marmol

Many students today have the same problem and that problem is how to use their time wisely.

There is a simple solution to the problem and it will just take a few steps to know how to make the best use of time. It will take some time to get used to the program, but it will help students have a better understanding of time.

1) Make a to-do list.

In the list, students have the most important thing they have to do on top and start the least important on bottom. The list will help students remember of things that have to be done. It will also help students prioritize the many assignments that they have to do. Students can also put the time of day that they would like to start each item, thereby giving them a bit of scheduling.

2) Plan ahead.

Planning ahead is an important thing because it takes away some of the anxiety of having to do all of the assignments. Planning also helps students to learn how to parcel out work over a span of time, something important, especially if they’re working on a large project. Even if they aren’t doing a large project, students should still be able to plan for future times.

3) Keep your work with you.

Keep all of your work that needs to be done in a folder or binder that you keep with you all the time. Keeping work with them will help students know what the important things that must be done are. It will also help students keep organized, as all of the important documents will be within a arm’s reach.

4) Learn to say “no.”

Many students often can’t say no to things. They feel compelled to do everything at once. However, this is not a good plan. Saying “no” helps students to get the most important things on the list first and get them done faster. This also allows the students to have more free time to do the things they want to do and relax, which is also important.

5) Get a good night’s sleep

 The brain can get tired fairly easily, so getting a good night’s sleep is crucial. Sleeping will give the student rest as well as recharging their brain which will help students think clearly about what things are important and what needs to be done in the upcoming days or weeks.