World Music Day performance postponed


Jhonny Gonzalez

Musicians Alejandra Iniguez, William Myers and Jose Arcilla rehearse the song “Across the Universe” by The Beatles during fourth period on Sept. 30 with music teacher Wes Hambright.

Rikka Dimalanta

This year’s World Music Day (WMD) is being postponed to November instead of being held in the traditional month of October. 

World Music Day is an international music concert held each year to recognize journalist Daniel Pearl and his passion for the musical arts. Since there will be no live shows in the MPR due to COVID-19 protocols, the performance will be recorded and streamed online. In order to do that, music teacher Wes Hambright’s class will be working with video production teacher Mark Middlebrook’s class. However, Hambright says that Middlebrook is short-staffed and is struggling to set up the needed equipment. The performance will be pushed back to give the video students some time to get familiar with their setup. 

“Originally we were trying to do a live show but we can’t do a live show unless it’s outside,” Hambright said.

Filming is planned to take place within the first week of November and possibly later depending on how it all goes. There is no set date of when the music video will be posted online. Hambright wants to present it when he and his musicians feel that it is ready, which is why a lot of time and effort is being put into making it. Many students are working together to make sure WMD puts on a great show. 

“A lot of work is going into all the songs and we’re doing a lot of rehearsals, so we don’t want to put extra pressure (on the students) if we don’t have to,” Hambright said.