DPMHS adopts baby shark doo doo doo


Rosa Lemus

Freshman Daniel Husany votes to name Daniel Pearl Magnet High School’s adopted shark “Pearl” during Fiesta Friday on Feb. 1.

Alexis Gutierrez

On Feb. 4, “Pearl” was selected as the winning name for Daniel Pearl Magnet High School’s (DPMHS) newly adopted shark.

Students at DPMHS were able to vote between two name choices, “Shark McShark Face” or “Pearl”, during Fiesta Friday on Feb.1.

“I like it because I think that animals represent different strengths and the shark is a really cool mascot to have,” sophomore Maria Strake said.

Seniors Grantas Jadzevicius and Emely Felix came up with the idea to adopt an animal as a part of their leadership project. Initially, they first had the intention of adopting a penguin. However, upon further thought, they decided to adopt a shark.

They went to the World Wildlife Fund where there are packages available to adopt a variety of animals. Included in the adoption package are an adoption certificate, photo and a species card.

“We realized that we were the DPMHS sharks, so adopting a shark seemed more thematic with the school,” Jadzevicius said.

Along with purchasing the adoption rights to the shark, the school’s money was also donated to the animal organization.

“It feels pretty good because you’re helping out a noble cause,” Jadzevicius said. “You’re also bringing a school spirit type of event.”