Library renovation continues during distance learning

Mario Ronquillo

The library renovation that began during the 2019-20 school year will allow for a more open floor plan. (Armen Petrossian)

As the first semester of the year comes to an end, a new library is on its way. The library at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School (DPMHS) is being renovated to provide more space for students.

“I think that anything that celebrates library culture and brings students in and opens up the space for collaboration is a fabulous idea,” teacher-librarian Greta Enszer said.

The renovation will result in more open space for the library, which students in the library committee are excited about. Another feature of the new library is that all of the book stacks are being placed against the wall, which adds to the new open floor plan. The library only needs to put in furniture to complete this library renovation.

“I know the pandemic has put a little pause in our plans but we all know we all have something to look forward to when coming back,” Enszer said.

The renovation of the library started during the 2019-20 school year with help from Board Member Scott Schmereslon’s office. 

“I expect it to have a lot more room for more students and possibly new books,” said sophomore Jenica Felicitas, who is on the DPMHS Library Advisory Committee. 

The library will bring many students together since now it has an open space for more students to come in. The library will create a great workspace for many students to enjoy.

“I think the new library will be a more inviting place for student learning,” Principal Armen Petrossian said.