Athlete of the Month: Cuyler Huffman


Casey Wanatick

Junior Cuyler Huffman prepares to throw the ball to his teammate at the BCCHS basketball against Palisades high School on Dec. 3.

Harlow Frank

Q: Will you continue to play in your college years?

A: “I think that I will depending on the college I go to.”


Q: How does playing basketball affect your school work?

A: “I get home late and never have enough sleep.”


Q: Did you ever think that you would be athlete of the month?

A: “I always thought I would be in time.”


Q: Why did you choose to basketball over other sports?

A: “I use to play baseball but I really liked basketball and I continued to play and enjoy the game.”


Q:  what do you think you can do to improve for next year?

A: “Just getting bigger and stronger because everyone is doing to same so I have to do better.”


Q: What is your most memorable part of basketball?

A: “Scoring a buzzer beater in a very close game for my club team.”