Athlete of the Month: David Mallari sets new goals


Karina Mara

During a practice drill, junior David Mallari bumps the ball to his teammate.

Daniela Dixon

 Q: How did you become interested in volleyball?
A: It was introduced to me by my older sister. She showed me the basics and when I joined the team I got more interested in it.

Q: How long have you played?
A: I’ve been playing for three years so far.

Q: What do you like about volleyball the most?
A: I like the energy that everyone has. You’re always striving to be better. It’s always a different scenario.

Q: What position do you prefer to play?
A: I like playing middle back.

Q: What’s the most challenging part of volleyball?
A: The most challenging part is how fast pace the game actually is. It’s overwhelming at times.

Q: Do you plan on playing in the future?
A: I plan to play in club but I don’t think I’ll play sports in the future because I want to focus on my studies.