Boys baseball swings into promising season

Christine Valenzuela
Sophomore Joshua Fleisher fist bumps teammates before their upcoming game.

Bases loaded, the crowd and players alike are sitting on the edge of their seats. One last home run keeps the Birmingham Patriot’s winning streak alive.

“We are a great team with an even better mindset,” second and third base player Joshua Fleisher said.

The team has won a total of 18 games, losing only eight. Each player is determined to maintain the teams passion for winning and to improve on their individual weaknesses. With only 10 games remaining in the season, the team still has the opportunity to reach the standard they set last year with their win against Chatsworth High School in the city championships.

Practice is a key aspect to a teams success. The reason behind the lack of participation is unknown but it is evident that it has been a large factor in the Patriot’s declining performance.

“We still have to work on a few things, probably just hitting-wise, none of us are really coming up to the plates strong,” third base, first base and right field player Leonel Serrano said. “It’s usually just a few players that are hitting.”

Playing for the Birmingham Patriots, Fleisher and Serrano’s junior varsity team training consists of batting, fielding ground balls, covering bases and practicing basic routines. The team is also going to be reviewing their picks, rundowns, first and third defenses.

“We gotta play our game and our strengths and just be prepared for whatever they might try to do against us,” Coach Matt Mowry said.