Kicking their way into playoffs

Jade Campbell

Jade Campbell
Varsity sophomore goalie Olivia Bullock protects the goal during a close home game against William Taft Charter High School.

The crowd went wild as Birmingham’s girls varsity soccer team battled their rival school William Taft Charter High School, in an hour long game.

“We do a lot of conditioning,” Olivia Bullock said. “We play a game called grid that helps us connect passes better and we do running exercise that helps us with agility.”

Bullock, the varsity goalie, fought with fury making sure the opposing team wouldn’t be able to make goals. The game ended in a 1-1 tie.

Team coach Jose Alcala makes sure the girls practice as much as they can to help them improve.

“At this point I see that our strengths are connecting the ball and having a competitive attitude,” Alcala said.

Alcala believes that the girls need to work on their transitioning, he has the team doing various drills during practice to help them with that. Alcala also recognizes the girls strengths and believes if they keep up their positive attitude they will make it to playoffs.

“The girls on the team know each other well and it reflects during playing time. I believe that if we keep the positive attitude we currently have and our commitment to practice, we will certainly be at playoffs.” Alcala said.

So far, Birmingham has won four and tied three of the eight games they have played. The team holds high hopes for the reason of the season and will continue to work hard and keep up their positive attitudes.

“I would describe the team as a group of girls that have an incredible amount of grit,” Alcala said. “They never stop working and they never stop believing in themselves.”