Athlete of the month: Tylin Jarrett

Angie Rumbo

Rachel Bullock
Sophomore Tylin Jarrett passes the ball to his team mate during a basketball game.

Q: How were you introduced to basketball?

A: I started off at the age of two. My parents bought a hoop for me and that’s when my interest for basketball began.


Q: What is the most challenging part about playing basketball?

A: I think practices are actually harder than the actual game because you need to have discipline and motivation.


Q: Why are you so passionate about basketball?

A: I don’t know exactly what it is but it’s just something I’ve always loved since a very young age and I thought it would go away but it just stuck with me.  


Q: What are some of your achievements as a basketball player?

A: I won multiple championships when I was younger.


Q: What are some struggles you’ve faced?

A: A struggle that I face a lot is that sometimes our team can have bad communication skills. Also the struggle of learning to come back to play after I broke my leg. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ll get there.


Q: Is it difficult to manage your time as a student athlete?

A: Yeah, it hard because you have to sacrifice spending time with your friends and do homework instead. When I get home home from practice at 6:30, I go straight to homework.


Q: In the future, do you still see basketball being a huge part of your life?

A: Yes, yeah I do. I want to go to that professional level. I’m on the right track right now, and luckily I was able to overcome all these obstacles that I’ve faced this year.