Athlete of the Month: Bianca Lam cheers up crowd

Julissa Rangel

Cheerleader Bianca Lam before the homecoming game.

Q: When did you first start cheer?

A: I first started cheer around 7th grade.

Q: How did you join cheer?

A: I joined cheer at an after school program in middle school.

Q: Did anyone inspire you to participate in cheer?

A: My coach in middle school really helped kick-start a passion for cheer. She was hard on us but I’m glad she was because it really helped me get to where I am today.

Q: Have you cheered for any other teams?

A: Not on a professional league.

Q: Do you plan on cheering for Birmingham? If so, for how much longer?

A: I hope to be able to learn harder skills and move to varsity and cheer all the way to my senior year.

Q: What is your favorite part of cheer? And your least favorite?

A: I really like stunting and learning and new and more advanced stunts. My least favorite will have to be pep rallies. It gets tiring after the 2nd. And to think I have to do four.

Q: How is cheer practice different from other sports? What is practice normally like  (what do cheerleaders normally do)?

A: Everyday we have to run five laps, do lunges and depending on the day we do this practice called stunting. We rotate between stunting days, conditioning days and cheer days.

Q: How is your schedule different from other student athletes?

A: Usually athletes practice in the afternoon, but since we need mats out just in case we fall, and we need the small gym (the basketball teams need that gym too). Since we can’t practice at the same time, our coach found having practice in the morning easier and more efficient to both teams and our cheerleaders.

Q: Do you plan on cheering beyond high school? If so, for who?

A: I would love to cheer professionally but I don’t think I will.