Lady Patriots lose all season games so far, high hopes for next season

Samantha Freyre

Richard Mendiola
Sophomore Keona Paniagua blocks an opposing hit during the Birmingham Lady Patriots’ game against the Verdugo Lady Dons.

From the first sound of the whistle, to the feeling of despair at the end of the game, the Lady Patriots are trying to find a way to get at least one win in their volleyball division.

“I was hoping that because it was a new team that we would be able to work together and have better chemistry,” sophomore middle blocker Keona Paniagua said.

With the Lady Patriots season coming to an end next week, they face the possible outcome of having a repeat of last season, when they held a record of one win and 16 losses. The one win being against Robert F. Kennedy Community High School.

However, this season the Lady Patriot’s odds don’t look as promising. Currently the team is on a 13 losing streak, losing every game they’ve played. The team’s hopes further crushed as they lost their Senior Night game against Granada Hills Charter High School on Oct. 17, with a score of 0-3. With one more game to be played on Oct. 23, the team is hopeful that they’ll end with at least a single win.

“I wasn’t expecting too good of a season, but I also didn’t expect us to not win at least one game,” junior Audree Alaras said. “Players on the team last year really thought that we were going to do a lot better.”

The Lady Patriots have already set a goal for next year and have high hopes for the next season. They plan to work more as a team and feel that this season together has allowed them to build chemistry as a team.

“We’ve already decided that next year we want to win more than one game, a couple if possible,”  Paniagua said. “We also want to work better as a team and kind of give off this vibe to other teams that we have a special bond.”