Athlete of the Month: Ben Sanchez makes a splash in upcoming water polo season


Junior Ben Sanchez passes to teammate during a game against Venice High.

Karina Mara

Q: How long have you been playing water polo?

A: I started playing eight years ago and I played it because my brothers did it.

Q: What are your goals in the future for the sport?

A: I want to break the goal record of 150 but I can’t because I’m not in pace.

Q: What are the struggles you face in the sport?

A: I’m weaker than most players so people just push me around.

Q: How do you manage your time with school and sports?

A: I just go home and do homework and try not to fall asleep. But you should have 30 minutes to relax.

Q: How have you improved in water polo throughout the years?

A: I improved through hard work and perseverance. I continuously practice even during summer.