Athlete of the Month: Kaitlyn Arst

Angel Rivera

Kaitlyn Arst
Junior Kaitlyn Arst stretches before practice. She has been doing gymnastics for 12 years.

Kaitlyn Arst, a gymnast of 12 years, prepares for her weekly job of teaching young kids the basics of gymnastics.

Arst works as an instructor for her gymnastics studio two times a week. She has been teaching 5 year olds for three years.

Arst teaches her kids about tumbling and balance. Though she spends most of her time teaching gymnastics, Arst still practices her skills when she gets the chance.

“The more I practice, the more flexible I get and I use those skills towards ice skating,” Arst said.

Arst loves ice skating as well as gymnastics and practicing gymnastics helps her gain better balance skills. Also, it strengthens her legs so she can perform various spins and jumps more efficiently.

She plans to keep being involved with gymnastics because it helps her improve with her ice skating skills. Arst does have goals she wants to achieve for gymnastics as well.

“I’m trying to get my middle split currently and oversplits,” Arst said.

Arst plans to stay in gymnastics and keep teaching the sport she loves for the coming years.

“Kaitlyn is extremely graceful, agile and flexible,” said Nikita Opel, a fellow gymnast. “She is also very patient and encouraging when she teaches her class of kids.”