Boys volleyball prepare for upcoming games

Jessica Salguero

Practice and preparation begins as Birmingham Community Charter High School’s boys volleyball season quickly approaches. Coach Patrick Tyler works on getting the boys into tip-top condition, ready for anything that could happen this season.

Practice has been as intense as ever with lots of practices engineered towards hitting and serving, especially since the first game of the season is quickly approaching on Feb. 25. The game will be against John F. Kennedy High School.

“For the first game we’ve been conditioning. Every time we mess up we run and we’ll work on form one practice and hitting the next practice,” junior Jonas Acebes, the varsity libero, said.

The Birmingham Patriots are in good hands since Tyler has had years of coaching and volleyball experience. He played for BCCHS in 2004 as a freshman, and began coaching there in 2011. He has also coached at Panorama High School in 2008.

This season will be heavily directed towards paying attention to detail and getting the players that are new to the sport acquainted with the basics. Even students that don’t have experience can make the team, as long as they have some potential.

“This is my first year playing volleyball. I tried out because I’m tall, to help my hops, and because I really wanted to play a sport,” sophomore Taylor Price said .

The team is doing everything in their power to prepare for their tough competition. They are using more video cameras, GoPros, and other tracking methods to help them quickly discern the skills that need more work and those that the players have nearly mastered.

“How this team will perform is going to be based on people learning on individual responsibility and their ability to worry about the team over individual success. It’s something we need to work on but they’re getting it,” Tyler said.