Athlete of the month of November: Dean Khazanov

Juliette Tafoya

Sophomore  Dean Khazanov returns to the field as a varsity player.
Juliette Tafoya
Sophomore Dean Khazanov returns to the field as a varsity player as a right guard.

Frosh soph football player Dean Khazanov , finally plays his first game of the season game on Oct. 9 after being injured from the start of the season.

Khazanov is the right hand guard position in underline on the team. This is his first official year playing for Birmingham Community Charter High School’s football team.

Last year Khazanov was practicing with the off-season team during second semester of his freshman year. He was allowed to play this year because he passed tryouts over the summer.

“I didn’t think I would be able to make it this far,” Khazanov said.

Whenever the he comes home from practice, he likes to rest before getting into his work. It’s hard for him to manage his time, but Khazanov still pushes through so he can keep up his grades.

“Usually when I come home, I take a short nap before getting into my homework so I feel rested,”he said. “Sometimes I just head right into my studies” he said.

Unfortunately for the star football player, he was unable to play for the first two weeks of the season because of an injured left ankle. Fortunately, his coach won’t exclude him from practice.

“I thought I wouldn’t make it through conditioning,” he said. “When I started, I could barely do anything but now I really feel like I’m an athlete. I feel healthier than I used to (be).”

He was able to play for last week’s game against Cleveland and the athlete is waiting for his big comeback for the homecoming game.