Fairy featured on golf magazine

Aileen Kangavary

Fairy poses for the magazine "Golfer Online.
Ilana Gale
Fairy poses for the magazine “Golfer Online.

With help from Physical Education teacher Robert Bryan, Kanokkorn “Fairy” Chotset, was able to continue her golfing legacy in America at Birmingham Community Charter High School.

“I don’t have a favorite part about golf, I like all of golf,” Chotset said.

Choset, born and raised in Thailand, has been playing golf for nine years. Since she was seven years old her parents have been very supportive of her sport and has helped her even when she moved to America when she was 13.

On Aug. 12 she was featured in a Thai golfing magazine called “Golfer Online.” Being Thai and studying in America while still continuing golf caught the interest of several editors and reporters. The story, written in Thai, describes her life as a golfer and what she’s doing in the United States since she left. She mentions how in Thailand, Aug. 12 is Mother’s Day. The piece also adds how her mother has supported her.

“Almost everybody [on the girls BCCHS golfing team] don’t care about I’m Thai or American,” said Chotset when asked how she feels about playing in America. “Being Thai and not in Thai junior golf team is a little bit strange for me.”

In the future, Chotset plans on taking golfing to the next level and eventually becoming a professional golfer.