App of the month: “Crossy Road”


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The popular arcade hopper game “Crossy Road” entertains teens through endless road obstacles

Aileen Kangavary

The question of how the chicken crossed the road is finally answered with the frustrating yet addictive app of the month “Crossy Road.”

Similar to the 80’s arcade game “Frogger,” “Crossy Road” takes place in a city which corresponds with characters you unlock. Getting to the other side of the busy road and hopping on logs across the river as the game increases in speed is the challenge to defeat.

“This game seems so easy but I always get hit by a car when I’m not paying 100% attention to the game,” sophomore Marilyn Vielma  said. “I probably won’t ever delete this game.”

To unlock characters you go through the game and wait for your hourly gift to pop up on your screen. The characters range from an ordinary chicken to a zombie, all of which have their own unique twist to the surroundings of the game. You can also retrieve characters through in-game currency you collect or you can pay $0.99 per character.

Characters such as the celebrity and the penguin create a different and more creative scene. The celebrity has paparazzi following her around while taking pictures and for the penguin, the game turns icey and white.

To play, you tap the screen to go forward and when needed, you swipe left or right to pass through bushes, trees or boulders in the way. If the obstacles are hit, the game to be over and you are brought back to the beginning of the game.

“Crossy Road” has been on the top 20 most downloaded apps since it’s release in Nov. 2014. The creators of the game, Hipster Whale, got their inspiration from past games like “Temple Run”, “Flappy Bird”, and “Subway Surfers”. It’s available on the app store for people with iOS 7.1 or later and on Google Play for Android users.

“Those games are annoying, but still fun. Sometimes I spend more than an hour trying to beat this game,” sophomore John Ford said. “Maybe it’s a good thing I deleted it. I got too addicted.”